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A creative and idea-driven public media professional, Michelle Petties is an author, speaker, and recovering food addict. Her best-selling memoir, “Leaving Large – The Stories of a Food Addict,” a category winner in The 2022 Memoir Prize for Books, features the award-winning essay, The Cake is in the Mail.

After gaining and losing over seven hundred pounds, Michelle discovered the “secret” to winning the battle between her mind, body, and food – her “story.” Michelle now shows others how to find their own food truths, which as it turns out are life truths. She speaks to organizations, large and small, sharing her unique insight and her stories of hope, healing, triumph, and transformation.

Michelle is a proud, contributing author to Memoir Magazine’s Black Memoirs Matter Anthology which is scheduled for release in late September. Her essay ‘Remembering Marshall Texas; Marshall, Texas’– an ode to Black community and family’– the title a nod to the 1989 Bill Moyers PBS documentary Marshall, Texas; Marshall, Texas, will be featured in the publication.

Michelle attended Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, as its first early admissions student in 1975 and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington. Born in Los Angeles, and raised in Marshall, Texas, she has lived in Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

A former public relations vice president and broadcast sales manager, Michelle began her career in media at J. Walter Thompson in Dallas. For the past two years, she has handled sponsorships, partnerships, and alliances for Your Public Radio stations WYPR and WTMD in Baltimore.

Interested in booking Michelle for her signature talksHow to Transform Your Brand, Your Body, and Your Business, Simultaneously or How to Find the Big Money Ideas Hidden in Your Account ListsConnect with her here.

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