Greater Public Acquisition List Co-Op Participation Agreement


Acquisition List Co-Op Participation Agreement

Station Information

Mail dates should be set two weeks before the start of the pledge drive.
I understand that if I change my mail date range, I must notify the co-op manager immediately to assure that all selected lists have been approved for new mail drop dates.

Zip Code Range

To indicate all the zips within a single Sectional Center Facility (SCF) use the first three digits only: i.e. 581 separated by a comma. Using SCFs only means that EVERY valid zip in that SCF will be selected (00-99) To indicate only a selection of zip codes within an SCF, use the first three digits and then specifiy specific zips: i.e. 581 (01 - 14, 18, 22, 28, 55-68, 70, 75, 80-99), 582, 583, 584 (01-55, 60-88), If you have ordered from the Co-Op within the past year and there are NO CHANGES, PLEASE ENTER "use zip ranges on file" If you are changing the zip range parameters from the one you have used in the past, please indicate why - i.e. new transmitter, testing etc.
(for Greater Public Mail Production Collaborative, the answer is yes)

Merge/Purge Processing

If Lorton is NOT doing your merge/purge processing, where should your lists be sent for merge/purge processing and/or mailing? Please provide complete information to insure prompt delivery. If you're participating in the Greater Public Mail Production Collaborative please enter Greater Public Mail Production as the Mailer and Donna Han as your contact person.

The Wiland Prospect List

The Wiland Prospect List is now available at a discount when you order through the Greater Public List Co-Op. You must sign a separate Wiland agreement in order to acquire names.
Are you a current & active Wiland member?

Fees & Terms

Greater Public will rent selected and available lists for all co-op stations and then invoice each station for their portion of the buy. The Greater Public fee for managing the Acquisition Co-Op List Service is 15% of the fees charged for acquiring, sorting, and distributing the lists to co-op members. In addition to the "cost per thousand per name fees", list owners charge additional fees for splitting zips (for over-lap stations), fees for each list ordered etc. For budget purposes, if you calculate 14 - 24 cents per delivered name (before merge/purge processing) you will have a "ball park" figure that includes all list costs, Greater Public fees and sorting, distribution and other fees charged by our vendors. • Lists are rented for one time use only on the for the mail date/mail date range you specify in the approved drop date range for this order. • If the projected mail date changes between the time this agreement is submitted and your final list/quantity order placement, you must notify the list manager of the revised mail date. • Any revised mail date must fall within the approved mail date range for the specific co-op order. You will incur full rental costs for the lists, but will not be able to mail the names if you miss the approved mail date. List owners do not recognize "extenuating" circumstances. Upon receipt of your list counts, if you are sick, on vacation, busy with pledge or do not submit your list order by the required deadline day/time, an order will be placed on your behalf using Greater Public recommendations. Submitting this form indicates that you agree to these terms and that you understand that your station is responsible for order payment. Full Payment is expected upon receipt of invoice. If not received within 30 days of invoice date, a fee of 1% per month that invoice remains outstanding will be assessed.

Donna Han

Greater Public Direct Mail Services

(703) 850-0541 (Eastern Time Zone)
Main contact for acquisition list questions