Grant Writer

Community Radio for Northern Colorado-CRNC also known as KUNC and the Colorado Sound
Greeley , CO

Application Deadline: Friday, Apr 07, 2023


Grant Writing Consulting Services

Request for Proposal


Section 1 – Overview

  1. Purpose: The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified and experienced individuals (or relevant grant writing consulting groups) to
  • Research, prepare, submit, and manage foundation, corporate, and government grant proposals for Community Radio for Northern Colorado (CRNC).
  • Acquire and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the mission, vision, services, content, and strategic funding priorities of CRNC.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate communication related to grant opportunities, deadlines, and stewardship.

In addition to the above, the consultant/firm should have experience in building an effective foundation for implementing and managing changes in the systems and processes to provide a supportive workplace environment. This individual or group may need to assess current processes and policies, to develop a comprehensive plan for positive change and improvement.

We are seeking someone who has a demonstrated record of implementing a successful grants program.

This opportunity is expected to be contracted by April 15, 2023.

  1. Background

General Information Community Radio for Northern Colorado: Community Radio for Northern Colorado (CRNC) is our 501c3 parent organization and oversees both KUNC and The Colorado Sound, two non-profit public media outlets.

Community Radio for Northern Colorado’s mission is to strengthen our community by cultivating the mind and spirit – informing, inspiring, and entertaining. To fully live up to this mission, we encourage diverse companies to respond to the proposal. CRNC strives to be an example for other media organizations by modeling diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization.

Estimated Schedule of Events:

  • RFP open for submissions: 03/13/2023.
  • Deadline for questions: 03/24/2023.
  • Deadline for submissions: 04/07/2023.
  • Agreement ratified by: 04/14/2023.
  • Anticipated start date of contract: 04/17/2023.


  1. Qualifications

An ideal consultant(s) for this position will have:

  • Previous professional experience of at least three (3) years in grant writing.
  • Experience in project management.
  • An analytical mind with problem-solving abilities.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to serve as an effective liaison and act as a conduit of information between staff, management, vendors, and other stakeholders.
  • A commitment to CRNC staff, organization, and the community we serve.
  • Highly trustworthy, ethical, and able to maintain confidentiality.
  • The ability to maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations.
  • Enthusiasm and an ability to manage through change with flexibility.
  • Active affiliation with relevant networks or organizations and ongoing community involvement.
  • Familiarity with public media and/or public-service journalism and content is a plus.
  • An understanding of, and commitment to, our DEI Statement and practices.


  1. Questions

Questions or issues regarding this RFP may be submitted in writing Sean McKee, Chief Operating Officer,, no later than Friday, 3/24/ 2023.

  1. Submission of proposals: The proposal should be submitted, in PDF form, to Sean McKee, Chief Operating Officer,, no later than Friday, 4/7/2023).


Section–2 – Project Scope

As this RFP is focused on important organizational support and processes, we are seeking a unique and passionate individual(s) who can help Community Radio for Northern Colorado build strong, sustainable foundations in the areas listed below. We look forward to collaborating with the chosen candidate or group and trusting their professional judgment to effectively prioritize and identify a feasible approach to building a foundation in the following areas:


  • Ensure timely and appropriate communication related to grant opportunities, deadlines, and stewardship.
  • Work with key development, content, and finance staff to gather information and define the budgets of projects and programs for which funding is sought.
  • Research and evaluate prospective grant-making entities to determine their potential as a source of revenue for CRNC’s objectives.
  • Work with key CRNC staff in developing/editing passionate case messaging highlighting our role as a community service organization in relation to the grantor/grant.
  • Collaborate with the development staff at CRNC’s non-profit partners and station partners to create joint funding opportunities.
  • Write, edit and compile materials in exact compliance with application and reporting requirements.
  • Make appointments for CRNC staff with foundation officers and other prospects.
  • Maintain records, and track grants and schedules.
  • Gather national, state, or regional statistics for applications.
  • Meet budgeted revenue goals.


Section–3 – Proposal Preparation and Submission Requirements

To enable Community Radio for Northern Colorado to conduct a uniform review process of all responses to this RFP, we request that components of the proposal be submitted as set forth below:

  1. Response to Project Scope
  • Proposal of individual or group’s plan to achieve goals detailed in the Project Scope, including an executive summary of the proposed services, timeline, potential resources utilized, deliverables, and any other pertinent information.
  1. CV or Resume with three (3) references.
  2. Samples of grant writing with statistics of the success rate of grant awards.
  3. Proposed Fees and Budget
  • Provide details of all reasonably estimated fees associated with the services outlined in this RFP as part of a proposed agreement.
  • Provide the fee structure, including any appropriate rate sheets, which may include a budget and fee structure for each category/task/subtask.
  • Any travel to and from the Community Radio for Northern Colorado offices (although not anticipated), and the costs associated with it, will be the responsibility of the Proposer.

Community Radio for Northern Colorado desires a not-to-exceed contract amount, by month based on a yearly contract basis to accomplish all the work described in the Scope of Work. However, we reserve the right to adjust both the budget and related services if necessary. It is estimated that this work will commence on 4/17/2023, and continue through 2023, with the possibility of additional annual extensions.

Instructions and Notifications to Proposers

  1. Potential proposers are advised to review all sections of this RFP carefully and to follow instructions completely.
  2. Alternative approaches and/or methodologies to accomplish the desired or intended results of this procurement are possible. However, proposals that depart from or materially alter the terms, requirements, or scope of work defined by this RFP may be rejected as being non-responsive.


All costs associated with developing or submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, or to provide oral or written clarification of its content, shall be borne by the proposer. Community Radio for Northern Colorado assumes no responsibility for such costs.

  1. Proposals are considered to be irrevocable for a period of not less than 60 days following the date set for submission of proposals.
  2. All pricing submitted will be firm and fixed unless mutually agreed to by both parties.
  3. All proposals should identify the proposed team of professionals, including those employed by subcontractors, if any, along with respective areas of expertise and relevant credentials.
  4. Proposers should also provide a delineation of the portion of the scope of work for which each of these professionals will be responsible.


Section–5 – Review Process

The review and selection of the final individual or consultant group will include representatives from staff and stakeholders.


For additional information about this position, please contact: