Equity and Inclusion at Greater Public

The mission of Greater Public is to ensure the long-term wellbeing of public and independent media. We give public media fundraisers the tools and confidence to support their organizations and move their careers forward. As leaders and innovators, we celebrate the demonstrated reality that equitable and inclusive organizations get better results, and that working toward racial justice is essential to fulfilling our mission of public service. Greater Public welcomes and affirms the whole, authentic self of each member of our team, regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective.

We aspire to create an equitable and inclusive workplace.

We are committed to:

  • Accountability: We assume responsibility for our actions, products, decisions, and policies, and will be transparent about our actions and goals in order to invite feedback.
  • Authenticity: We practice humility and stay in a learning relationship with one another, both within and outside of the organization.
  • Inclusiveness: We create space in our processes and interactions for deep listening, input, and feedback.
  • Empowerment: We support and applaud the unique strengths brought by different individuals. We encourage ourselves to take risks and understand failure as essential parts of meaningful growth.
  • Community: We see ourselves as in relationship with others, and we value activities that serve to cultivate those relationships.

Generally, people want to be dealt with as individuals, not categories or labels. However, there are times when we need to talk about a group by name. Therefore, we’ve found consensus in this lexicon of terms. These terms are subject to evolve and we invite people to communicate with us about terms that should be revised.

Our Actions

To demonstrate these core values, Greater Public is engaged in the following activities:

  • Centering diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of our work
    Greater Public CEO, Joyce MacDonald, leads our DEI work. She, along with leaders, staff, and Equity and Inclusion Advisor Consuela Steward, meet weekly to evaluate progress toward our stated DEI goals for the year.
  • Creating safe space and building community
    We launched Our Hour: A Gathering for BIPOC in Public Media as a monthly town-hall gathering focused on connection and empowerment for public media Professionals of Color. BIPOC professionals can join here.
  • Building relationships with BIPOC colleagues within the public media system.
    Because Greater Public elevates the accomplishments of individuals and organizations as part of our conferences, webinars and blog posts, we are accountable for cultivating diverse networks of people. We have a goal of increasing our contacts with BIPOC colleagues in order to build relationships, highlight the best work, and draw from many perspectives and voices to inform our content.

To share how you culturally identify with us, visit the account center and update your profile.

  • Diversifying representation in our content, workforce, and suppliers.
    In 2020 we audited the whiteness of our own content, including authorship of blog posts, webinar presenters, PMDMC panelists, and resource authorship. We’ve identified annual goals to increase the number and diversity of voices we represent in each of the above content areas.
  • Building a more equitable and inclusive culture and processes within Greater Public.
    With the support of Swafia Ames, Managing Director, People, Strategy & Inclusion at Brighter Strategies, we’ve benchmarked the equity and inclusiveness of our own hiring and contracting, policies and procedures. This year we are revising our performance management process and implementing training and education to increase staff awareness and sensitivity.
  • Sharing resources on bias and racism in public media
    Our ongoing webinar series encourages dialogue and action.

We have solicited and are publishing examples of organizations’ diversity, equity, and inclusion work from across the public media system.

  • Greater Public has joined the Public Media for All pledge to achieve five specified diversity, equity and inclusion commitments within 1 year, and 10 commitments within three years.

This work is active and is ongoing; there is much that remains to be done. By being transparent about our own actions, we at Greater Public hope to be in solidarity with the entire public media system about what a sustained, impact-focused commitment to DEI looks like: It is not an arrival point for an organization but a commitment to demonstrate our core values over time.