Careers at Greater Public

We help make great public media happen.

At Greater Public, we give public media fundraisers the tools and confidence to support their organizations and move their careers forward.

In official-speak, here’s what we’re after:

Greater Public is an indispensable partner to member organizations in securing a level of financial support commensurate with public media’s importance to individuals, to communities, and to America.

We love our work and we love our colleagues who do so much to support the essential community service of public media.

A few more things that make Greater Public… well, great. (#1: We’re not opposed to puns).

  • Our members are our favorite people. Greater Public is built on a simple promise of service to our members. We go out of our way to delight them, bend the rules for them, understand and empathize with their struggles, and gently coax them to new heights.
  • We’re a little bit egalitarian. Sure, we have job descriptions and some hierarchy, but we also throw all of that out from time to time to get things done. We value accountability and leadership from everyone on our team.
  • We’re a lot professional. Our style is easygoing, but our attitude towards work is serious. We maintain the highest standards of delivery, productivity, and effectiveness. We’re a small team of high performers.
  • We’re nice. Yes, we were founded in the Midwest, but this isn’t just a Midwestern thing. We like respect and kindness. Pettiness and general a-holery are not welcome. This doesn’t mean we go along to get along. Diverse points of view and challenges to the status quo get a big thumbs up.
  • We’re biased toward action. Initiative, independence, and self-starting are not optional here. This is where we mention that nearly all of us work remotely, often from home. (The flexibility is really great!) But nobody is watching over our shoulder. We value measurable results and each of us is an engine for getting things done.