PMJA Executive Director

Public Media Journalists Association

Application Deadline: Sunday, Jul 18, 2021


The Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA) is an association representing public media journalists across the United States. PMJA empowers and advocates for journalists working in public media.

The Executive Director will be directly responsible for the day-to-day activities of PMJA, and will guide the organization with an innovative, creative and strategic vision as they continue to provide training and networking opportunities for their members.

The Executive Director  works with and at the discretion of the PMJA Board and membership to sustain the growth and development of PMJA and the Public Media Journalists Foundation (PMJF).


Working with the PMJA Business Manager, the Executive Director will carry the primary responsibility of fundraising to ensure the continuing growth of PMJA and PMJF. This includes:

  • Cultivating fundraising partnerships and sponsors for both PMJA and PMJF. Continuing to seek grant funding opportunities when and where applicable.
  • Working with the PMJA Business Manager and the Board to evaluate membership and structure, dues and conference fees to ensure financial growth of PMJA and PMJF.
  • Growing partnerships with like -minded organizations including but not limited to: PRPD, Greater Public, RTDNA and others to improve the reputation and scope of PMJA while cultivating relationships that could result in opportunities and revenue for the organization.

Board Interactions:

Working closely with the Board, the Executive Director is responsible for:

  • Developing Board meeting schedules and agendas, carrying out plans and programs of the Board.
  • Serving as the primary representative of both PMJA and PMJF.
  • Assuring that the Board is kept fully informed of the activities, operations, and the financial
  • Conditions of PMJA and PMJF required for the efficient and orderly conduct of business.
  • Overseeing the preparation and presentation of annual budgets for the consideration of the
  • Board, and reporting to the Board on the financial condition of both organizations.
  • Maintaining continuing communication with Board members so that necessary actions can be taken between meetings of the Boards.
  • Accounting to the Board for carrying out all motions, resolutions, and directives approved by
  • the Board.

Planning Retreat & Annual Conference:

The Executive Director will be responsible for leading the planning and execution of both the annual planning meeting and conference. These duties include:

  • Working with the Board to develop outline for pre-conference training sessions and the conference schedule.
  • Working with Board members to develop conference sessions and pre-conference training.
  • Serving as point person for execution of conference program from start to finish.

Long Range Planning and Growth of PMJA and PMJF

The Executive Director will seek to cultivate and grow not just the financial side of PMJA and PMJF, but to raise the profile of the organization to advocate for and meet the needs of journalists working in public media. This includes:

  • Working with the Board and membership to craft and implement a long range strategic plan.
  • Revitalizing PMJA’s reputation as a training resource for journalists in public media, by planning and executing a consistent curriculum of monthly webinars and other training methods.
  • Helping lead the current Culture of Journalism effort put in motion by NPR and PRX and becoming an organization that represents public radio member stations in that effort.
  • Representing and advocating for public media journalists in times of professional crisis.

The Executive Director will take on other duties as assigned by the Board and/or by the membership of the organization.

  • Searching for new opportunities for PMJA to serve the public media landscape
  • Working with various committee chairs to strengthen committee structure and to support the work of those assigned committees
  • Oversee PMJA staff
  • Make proposals to the PMJA Board as to direction and focus of the organization

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