Webinar: The Leader’s Role in DEI Work

CEOs and general managers: Are you struggling to keep momentum going on your DEI initiatives? Do you feel like a mediator stuck between staff and managers, or perhaps still seeking clarity about where your organization should be in your journey?

Join Greater Public CEO, Joyce MacDonald, and Minal Bopaiah, global leader in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion, for a conversation about how public media leaders can level-set DEI expectations and navigate the tricky challenges that come with meaningfully advancing DEI at any station.

Minal Bopaiah is the award-winning author of Equity and facilitator of the DEI Executive Forum, the transformative cohort learning experience that has given GMs the knowledge and tools they need to more effectively lead their organizations through change. Her approach emphasizes the importance of creating a sense of belonging for all individuals within an organization, actively listening to and engaging with underrepresented groups, and encouraging open and honest conversations about diversity and inclusion. She teaches leaders to create a culture of inclusivity by promoting diverse representation and implementing training and development programs to raise awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

This event has passed. Please contact us if you have questions around our DEI work.