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Are there tests? How do you graduate?
In order to be granted CFRE credits, you must complete a final exam. You can complete the academy without the final exam (for no CFRE points) but you will need to complete the requirements of each module, including reading, video, podcast, webinar, and application assignment. The coursework also includes a required individual and organizational assessment, and the creation of a plan for key donors (also required). Joining in live calls or engaging in Facebook discussions are not required but recommended, as they deliver innovative ideas and innovation, because they will be great and full of great new ideas.
Do I get CFRE credits?
Yes! Major gift officers will receive 36 CFRE points and executives/managers will receive 25 CFRE points upon successful completion of this certification course.
I’m an experienced MGO. What does this course have to offer me?
It says a lot about you that you are still reaching out and being open to training after many years on the job. Let us reassure you, we work with experienced MGOs in mid-sized to large nonprofits across the country. We know your strengths and the challenges you face. We also know, because we have been MGOs ourselves, that in the midst of all the work pulling you in many directions, it can be easy to do things the way they may have worked in the past or with one particular donor, and forget to continually look for new possibilities and approaches.

We have provided a depth and breadth of information, delivered to you through various media, because we know that you are an expert in your field, and we want to provide you with additional ideas, strategies, approaches, and tools. We are not interested in simply sharing information with you. You already know and understand so much about major gifts. Our goal is to have you engaging with the content in ways that lead to strategies, systems, and actions for change.

My station is just starting out and doesn't have a very formal major donor program yet, can I get anything out of this?
Yes! Whether you want to grow a major gift program, or add major donors to your own caseload for the first time, this is a perfect course for you. You’ll get the philosophy, strategy, tools, and step-by-step approach clearly laid out for you. When you’re done, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to grow a major gift program.
How quickly will I get a decision about my application?
We will strive to answer every application within 7 business days, along with an opinion about your scholarship.
Will there be any group work?
No, there is no group work in this major gifts course unless you attend with a group from your organization. Then it would benefit you to meet as a group to discuss learnings, process tools and strategies, and support each other. However, this is not a requirement of the course.
Will I need to be present for any live calls?
We highly recommend you join us on live calls to enhance what you’re learning, connect with other professionals, and gain new ideas and resources. However, you are not required to attend every live call to graduate. And, if your schedule conflicts with a call, recordings of the call will be available for you to listen to.
What if I’m on vacation during the course?
We have set up the course with that in mind. You complete the coursework (8 modules for major gift officers and 8 modules for leaders/managers) at your own pace over about three months. As soon as you finish one module and hand in your application assignment, you have access to the next, so you could choose to work ahead or catch up later. The only thing you may miss are live conversations during the weeks you are on vacation (though you are free to join), and even these calls will be recorded and available to participants after the fact.
Will this work with my schedule and time zone?
The course itself will be available to you online at any time during the three-month period you’re enrolled, so coordination amongst time zones isn’t necessary. Each module can be completed in 3-5 hours, with additional time for recommended participation in group calls, Facebook discussions, and individual planning. Our live conversations will also be scheduled as best we can to accommodate many different time zones, and recordings of those calls will be available to participants afterward.
Do I need to be a Greater Public member to sign-up? Is this just for radio?
No, this is for all of public media. The only requirement is that you be a qualified Community Service Grant (CSG) recipient by CPB.