Colleagues Helping Colleagues


The Colleagues Helping Colleagues (CHC) Fund was established in 2005 as a means for people working in public media to directly support their colleagues who suffered losses in natural disasters.

Due to the limitations of our small team, the increasing impacts of climate change and frequency of natural disasters, Greater Public discontinued the Colleagues Helping Colleagues disaster relief fund on November 1, 2022.

We are proud to have provided more than $80,000 to public media staff affected by natural disasters, thanks entirely to donations made by public media colleagues. All remaining funds in 2022 were donated to Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Still waiting on FEMA, our insurance company, gas prices to drop, my doctor to return my call and my cats to chill out. But, today I got my check from the Colleagues Helping Colleagues Fund.

It’s the first sign of HOPE we’ve had in two weeks. The money is a HUGE help and boost to our sprit like you can’t believe. The kindness and generosity you and your team have provided for me and mine… PRICELESS. Thank you again!

Hurricane Harvey fund recipient