Webinar: Building Resilience – Diversity & Inclusion: The Leadership Level

Go to any public media conference and you can’t help but notice: Where are the people of color? The BIPOC deficit is especially glaring at meetings of the most powerful national and local leaders in our system. Why are there so few people of color at the helm of public media organizations? What impact do executives of color have on diversity, equity and inclusion at the institutions they lead and the audiences their stations serve? How can white CEOs and general managers demonstrate a real commitment to ensuring that their organizations look and sound more like the racially diverse audiences they are called to serve? What efforts are already underway to change the values and culture in public media’s C-suites? Join us for our next Building Resilience webinar for an honest conversation focusing on these questions and yours.

Building Resilience” is a bi-weekly webinar series co-produced by Greater Public, Current, Public Radio Program Directors, and Public Media Journalists Association.

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