Webinar: Building Resilience – The Imperative of Inclusion Part 2

Demands for diversity, equity, and inclusion are surging throughout public media, as people of color in our field are openly confronting a culture that is not living up to its visionary mission. How are we going to change it, change ourselves? These issues are complex and require truth-telling, personal and institutional self-examination, plans, action, and accountability. Conversation is what public media does best, so let’s talk about it and listen.

The last session in our “Building Resilience” webinar series was called “The Imperative of Inclusion (part 1).” We were gratified to see that it was full to capacity, so we know this is hitting close to home and heart. That’s why we’re sticking with that theme and bringing other voices into the mix. We invite you to join us, as the imperative of inclusion is a call to us all. And, we welcome your feedback and your ideas moving forward.

Building Resilience” is a bi-weekly webinar series co-produced by Greater Public, Public Radio Program Directors, Public Media Journalists Association, and Current.

Watch the replay here >>