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Monica Medina has spent 40 years in public media from Seattle, where she met Beth, to San Diego, and including a three-year stint in Station Relations at CPB, Washington, D.C. She spent more than 25 years at KPBS where she began her work spearheading major outreach campaigns and initiatives for children and families, including participating in a media literacy training for her first DEI-related initiative, KCET’s Puzzle Place Workshops for childcare providers. In 2009, Monica was asked to take on DEI for KPBS. In this capacity, she created new programs, such as Community Conversations, designed to educate our audience and staff on issues impacting our diverse neighborhoods. She also attended countless DEI events throughout San Diego and found opportunities for management to make presentations to diverse organizations. Monica has served on the boards of the California Diversity Council and the San Diego Asian Business Association. In addition, she assisted in developing initiatives to help staff gain insight into San Diego’s diverse communities. Today Monica is getting ready for the next chapter of her life, reinventing herself in retirement. With a B.A. from Brandeis University and a Master’s in journalism from the University of Maryland, she is looking forward to life as a freelance writer, embracing her passion for the written word. She has two grown children, Joshua and Sarah, and enjoys taking walks with her two dogs. She also is a long-time aficionado of theater, improv and piano.