Webinar: Building Resilience – Resilience of Revenue

There is a demand for revenue to meet the immediate needs of your organization and then there is the work of building deep connections with your audiences to lead to long-term sustainability. It might seem that your total focus should be on the former, but in reality you have never been closer to your audiences than at this moment..and you can do both.

Hear from two public media organizations about how they have brought audiences closer as a strategic priority and continue to do so even during this moment when revenue forecasts are hard to predict and some of our long-held strategies are on the ropes. Regardless of size or market, you can do this. Spend an hour getting real-world advice learning how during “Resilience of Revenue,” the next webinar in the “Building Resilience” series.

Building Resilience” is a bi-weekly webinar series co-produced by Greater Public, Current, Public Radio Program Directors, and Public Media Journalists Association.

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