May 31, 2017

Do you remember when sponsors of your station’s events were content with just having their corporate logo on signage visible to the people who attended? You’d hang their company’s banner featuring their logo in a prominent location at the event and say, “that was easy!”

Now, sponsors want more. 

They want a presence at the event, including the opportunity for product sampling and face-time with the people who come to your station’s event, whether it’s a lecture, wine or beer tasting, musical concert, or other type of event. Businesses like event marketing through which they can directly engage the people to participate in a brand experience. 

Prospective sponsors also want to be recognized in all of the various promotional aspects of the event: on-air, online, in print, and at the event. And, yes, they still want their logo prominently displayed at the event venue.

The good news is that businesses recognize the value of being an event sponsor and are willing – and have budgets – to pay for them. 

So, what value do you put on the various promotional elements of the sponsorship?

IEG and Creative Strategies Group are companies that are in the event-marketing business and are good sources for information about valuations. While not everything they cover in the list below will be what you need, this is a great starting place that can help you understand and build the value of your sponsorship package.

On-Site Engagement/Interaction

Direct sampling: $.15 – .25/sample
Static display: $.05 – .1/impression
Exhibit space: $.15/attendee or at premium rack rate

On-Site Signage/Recognition

Principal banners: $.01 – .03/impression (based on size, location)
Secondary banners: $.0025 – .0075/impression (based upon size, location) 
Co-branded asset signage:  $.01 -.025/imp. (based upon location and exclusivity)
LED/video signage: $.01 -.02/impression (includes PowerPoint screens)
PR/verbal announcements: $.004 -.0075/impression
Opportunity to speak: $.01 – .05 (based on attention/desirability of audience)

Website/Digital/Social Media

Logo and/or link: $.005 -.015/unique visit
Banner ad: $.015 -.035/unique visit (based upon size and placement)
Co-branded content: $.03 -.04/unique visit
Other prominent exposure: $.05 -.12 (integration into video, podcast, webcam)
E-newsletter content/offer: $.03 -.0425/address (increases if subscription-based)
E-blast or direct mail offer: $.0275-.035/address (increases if opt-in)
Social media content: $.05 – .15/delivered post
SMS (text) message/offer $15 – $25/mobile number

Media & Communications

Logo in media advertising: 5% – 10% of total rate card value
ID on brochure/flyer/poster: $.03 -.0425/impression (based upon size and placement) 
Logo on merchandise: $.0075-.035/impression
ID on tickets: $.0025 – .05 (if includes bounce back coupon)

Official Programs/Publications

ID in program cover: $.035 – .05/impression (based upon size and placement) 
ID within program: $.0075 -.03/impression (based upon size and placement)
Program ad: Retail placement rate (based upon comparable circulation.)


Mailing lists: $0.12-18/name
Hospitality: Face value of tickets/admission
VIP hospitality: Value based upon quality/exclusivity of experience

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