June 22, 2022

As of April 1, 2022, there are 11.5 million jobs available. There are 5.6 million more jobs than people who are unemployed, meaning there are 1.94 jobs per unemployed person. The RAB recently presented strategies that have been successful for recruitment clients.

More jobs than job-seekers

As the Great Resignation continues — 4.5 million workers left their jobs last April — the “Great Retirement” is also contributing to worker shortages. One in four workers is a baby boomer. 29 million boomers retired in 2020, and it is expected that nearly 75 million boomers will have retired by 2030.

Candidate ghosting is the top challenge for job recruiters at the moment, with 37% of talent acquisition teams signaling this as a big problem. Ghosting is when a candidate suddenly stops responding to recruiters during the job-searching process, candidates who get the job but fail to show up after being hired or even leave work without notice after only a few days.

New tactics to find candidates

Recruiters must adapt to the new ways job candidates look for work. In the last six months, 42% of talent acquisition teams have changed job requisitions to drive up applications. Other adaptations include increasing LinkedIn posts (38%), more social media posting (35%), increased recruitment marketing (34%), more virtual recruiting events (29%), additional employer branding activities (27%) and more in-person recruiting (23%). 

Why should sponsors use public radio for recruitment?

Radio allows you to recruit away from your competitors who may be using another medium. It allows you to eliminate moving expenses since your candidates are very likely locals. Radio also allows for efficient targeting of candidates.

  • A 47% male and 53% female gender mix was looking for employment in the last 12 months. This mix is a good fit for public media.


  • Household Incomes over $100k rank the highest at 37.4% looking for employment in the last 12 months – also a good fit for public media.


  • Public media offers a highly qualified and educated audience for recruitment messages increasing investment value.


  • Public media offers a trusted brand and safe environment for recruitment messages using multiple touch points – digital ads, broadcast ads and streaming audio products.

The FCC allows recruitment copy so long as other FCC guidelines are followed. Check out Greater Public’s sample recruitment credit copy.

These takeaways are from RAB’s May 18, 2022 presentation, Radio Works for Recruitment,  featuring Kevin Grossman, president, Talent Board, and findings from the organization’s TA Teams Survey Report. Talent Board is the first nonprofit research organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience. Additionally, Jim Shields, Northwest PA market manager and corporate vice president of programming, Forever Media Inc., shared case studies that have been successful for various recruitment clients.