May 2, 2022

Even with the explosive growth of digital, radio is still a #1 reach medium. In April, 2022, Greater Public corporate support colleagues came together as part of the Why Radio: Making the Case for Corporate Support roundtable to share the best ways to continue to articulate radio’s unique marketing power to clients and prospects.

Greater Public Roundtables are virtual gatherings open to all Greater Public members in which station colleagues discuss opportunities and challenges in work areas they have in common. Roundtable topics are available each month and all Greater Public members are welcome to participate.  

These are the ten reasons for radio sponsorship that your corporate support colleagues have found to be most compelling for clients and prospects.

  • Get better engagement from listeners

    "Live reads" are a premium radio product that deliver the highest radio message engagement. Advertising firms love “live reads” on radio.

  • Be known as a community supporter

    Sponsors will be recognized by listeners as a supporter of their community and a supporter of their favorite station. Engagement in local community is always a positive with listeners.

  • Associate with a trusted station in a trustworthy environment

    NPR member stations are nonprofits, dedicated to the highest journalistic standards delivering a trusted environment. Public radio is viewed as safe, trusted media that doesn't take sides, providing community connectivity and trust. This also reflects in a trusted, and safe digital ad environment. No bots or fraud impressions here. Sponsors are in good company.

  • Stand out in clutter-free message environment

    Most public radio stations only have eight sponsor messages per hour compared to more than 16 per hour on commercial stations. Sponsor messages on public radio stand out and are heard.

  • Connect with a quality audience

    The core public radio listening demographic is educated with resources and credit, three great qualities for any sponsor. Often more than 25% of news station listeners are decision-makers, perfect for B2B.

  • Sponsorship available on multiple platforms

    Sponsorship includes broadcast, streaming (without additional cost), through multiple devices such as smart speakers, desktops and smartphones.

  • Listeners see themselves as "lifelong learners"

    Be heard by listeners who say they want to lean into new information and services they want to know about.

  • Radio is the highest reach media

    According to Nielsen (2021), radio reaches 90% of the American population. It's easy to access. This reach is even stronger than Facebook.

  • Public radio makes Facebook ads and social media better

    According to "Audio Active" (January, 2022), AM/FM radio content is far more engaging than social media. Audio gives listeners "cues" to act upon. Public radio messages offer significantly more frequency and exposure than social media advertising.

  • Public radio messages amplify SEO

    Attribution studies have shown that public radio messages amplify sponsors' SEO and increase traffic on their websites.